Case Study: Club b

Club b is an educational and peer-to-peer networking platform for family offices. It's a property of the financial media company Real Vision.

Some of the more interesting problems we solved:

  • Club b needed to support a tiered membership system, so we used MemberPress to manage access to different course content, videos, and event tickets. This let us be nimble when changing what tiers could view different types of content.
  • We needed to support multiple custom-designed interfaces, so we used a combination of Elementor Pro theming (to make the site client-editable in the future) and custom code for more complex content customization.
  • We integrated membership activity (ticket purchases, subscription renewals) with the Real Vision Infusionsoft installation with WP Fusion, which allowed us to automatically add users to different static lists and automations based on their activity in the membership site.
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