Case Study: The Agency Roadmap

John Paul and Andy Graham are the Founders of The HMO Roadmap. Andy co-founded Smart Property, a specialist HMO property investment and management company. He's the co-founder of The HMO Mastermind and the host of The HMO Podcast.  John Paul won the Sunday Times letting agency of the year, best agent in the North for four years in a row, and has been in the top three for Training and Development in the UK for four years straight. They are bringing their expertise to help new HMO property investors and managers with The HMO Roadmap.

The HMO Roadmap was built on the same basic framework as John Paul's The Agency Roadmap, but it's got a few interesting quirks of its own.

Some of the more interesting problems we solved together:

  • The HMO Roadmap is built on a streamlined membership and learning platform. The site runs MemberPress and Memberoni, plus a custom-built roadmap functionality to help guide new members through the process of building a successful HMO property management agency.
  • John and Andy didn't need a community site, because they already had a thriving private FaceBook group, but they wanted a richer experience than TAR's FB Live group coaching, so THR uses Zoom-- but it's still the same streamlined transfer to the membership site's Live Q&A archive. An exported Zoom video + Vimeo Pro account + Excel Spreadsheet of timestamps is all we need to let his members have perpetual access to these valuable Q&A sessions.
  • John and Andy are always developing new content, and they're able to provide access to new case studies, workshops, video, and partner arrangments quickly and easily. MemberPress Rules + Custom Post Type Tags and Categories makes it easy to add new membership options and new content quickly and easily.
  • How do you incentivize growth for a new membership site? The HMO Roadmap solves this problem with an affiliate program designed to encourage existing members to recruit new members. MemberPress comes with a simple affiliate management program, Affiliate Royale, and that's all we needed for this first phase of affiliate marketing.

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